The good news?

Facebook and Instagram ads are a direct gateway to more traffic, leads, and sales.

So let's get them working for YOU!

Organic social media isn’t really cutting it anymore, BUT....

You know you want to start running social media ads to grow your business, but maybe you’ve hit a few roadblocks:

You’ve boosted a post here and there but have no idea if it did a single thing to help your bottom line

You’ve wanted to start growing your list and amplifying your launches with ads but you don’t even know how to get started

You’ve gotten into the back of the Facebook Ads Manager platform and couldn’t believe all the options and numbers you had to swim through just to run a single ad #hellooverwhelm

You started to get the hang of running ads for yourself but it’s NOT your zone of genius and you just want to hand things over to a trustworthy expert 

But what if you had a magic wand to make all of those roadblocks disappear?

Just envision it for a second…

Your email list growing on autopilot with your content and resources reaching new ideal audiences every single day

The tech headaches, confusing stats and numbers, fights with Facebook robots ALL GONE, completely taken care of and handled for you so that you can just sit back and watch how your ads are working for you

Filling your webinars with potential clients and students who can’t wait to learn AND BUY from you

Your program and product sales growing as more people learn how your offers can help them, have their objections addressed, and see why NOW is the perfect time to jump in - all on autopilot



Social Media
   Ads Services

Facebook and Instagram Ad Strategy and Management to Help You Take Your Online Business to the Next Level

AND This isN'T just ANY ads STRATEGY & management service...

Our dynamic packages include:

> Completely holistic services - from ad strategy to production to optimization - it’s all completely taken care of for you

> On-brand copy and graphics to make sure your ads truly reflect your business and your mission

> Weekly reporting so that you’re always in the loop on how your ads are performing and evolving

> Strategy-based pricing - we don’t believe in limiting services to a certain number of ads. We care about structuring our work together around your specific goals instead.

Ready to start running Facebook and instagram ads for your business?


Allow me to introduce myself...

I'm Brianna Antuna Cortez.

Social Media Ad Strategist + Founder of Pixel & Delight

I help female entrepreneurs like you automate their marketing  with social media ads so that they can scale their business while doing the work they love and spend less time worrying about where their next lead or sale is coming from.

Whether it's doubling your email list, supercharging your launch, or going evergreen, we can turn your social media accounts into a client-attracting MACHINE. Just keep reading to see how...



Laura Kalister, Laura Kalister Coaching

"Brianna was amazing. She came to the project totally prepared and organized. She gave me a schedule that was so helpful and we both knew exactly what was needed and when. She was always open to feedback and really worked to understand my business. I’ve already shared her info with colleagues looking for an expert and would work with her again in a second."

"I’ve already shared her info with colleagues looking for an expert and would work with her again in a second."

Dani Craig, Blush House Media

"She asked all of the right questions and really captured the vision of the project!! We couldn’t be more pleased with the results!! If you’re looking for someone who works quickly and can take the vision from your head into reality - Brianna is your gal!!"

"Working with Brianna was an incredible experience!"

cadri Cunningham, Luna Mae & Co.

"Brianna was able to take the vision we had for the project and put it together into something that was loved immediately. She was easy to communicate with, captured the ideas, and she's definitely someone that I'd work with again in the future!"

"She's definitely someone that I'd work with again in the future!"

client love

Social media ads can elevate your business in a variety of ways! 

- Build your email list

- Grow your Facebook group

- Invite audiences to your webinar

- Bring more participants to your challenge

- Sell your low-end products

- Fill your high-ticket programs

- And so much more!

Have a look at previous client results!

lead generation on auto-pilot ●  low-cost list building ● six-figure launches

● lead generation on auto-pilot ●
●  low-cost list building ●
● six-figure launches

Ready to see how we can create high-converting ads for your business?


Features Included In Done-For-You Ads Services

We evaluate your funnel web pages to make sure your customer journey is clear and easy to navigate, plus give any recommendations we have for better optimization.

In this 30-minute call, we'll go over your goals and our strategy to reach them. We'll also discuss your messaging and ideal audience to make sure we're targeting the perfect potential clients for you.

No cookie-cutter strategy here! Your ads plan will be customized to your business and your unique offerings.

We'll make sure your pixel is installed correctly on all of the web pages were using and get all of the backend tracking in place to keep stats on your reach, leads, and sales.

All ad graphic creation is included. Using your existing photos, assets, and videos (along with any necessary stock photos), we'll create on-brand graphics that stand out in the feed.

Facebook has tons of special rules about what you can and cannot say in your ads. We'll make sure your ad copy not only entices audiences to click, but also keeps your account in good standing.

All backend set up is completely done for you. All campaigns, ad sets, and ads will be set up and managed without you having to lift a finger.

You'll always be in the loop with regular reports on how each of your ad campaigns are performing and what changes are happening behind the scenes.

Your marketing strategy ebbs and flows. Monthly check-in calls ensure we're on the same page and that your ad strategy is complementing your overall business growth plans.

Your Investment

Simply pick the package that best suits your needs! If you're unsure which one to choose, we can discuss your needs and goals on your Discovery Call to determine which package is best for you.






Unlimited Lead Generation, Brand Awareness, and Sales Campaigns

All Features Included

Three-Month Commitment Required

Ideal for entrepreneurs who want expand their reach, get their content in front of more ideal clients, grow their list, and launch products and programs on an ongoing basis.  Minimum of $1500 per month ad spend recommended.





Unlimited Lead Generation,
Brand Awareness, and
Sales Campaigns Concentrated Around a Certain Product Launch

All Features Included

Six-Week Service Package

Ideal for entrepreneurs who want to amplify their upcoming launch and drive a larger audience to their webinar and sales page in a short period of time. Minimum of $2500 launch ad spend recommended.




Tasha Booth, The launch guild

"From designing graphics to sales pages to Facebook ad strategy, Brianna is a true unicorn in this space. Her biggest strength is taking little direction and turning it into a beautiful product I am so proud to use for our clients, and for my own agency. She's the best!"

"Working with Brianna has dramatically improved my business!"

Toi Smith, toi marie - growth & impact strategist

"I was nervous when I started looking for someone to work with me because I've heard horror stories of people not showing up and constantly dropping the ball. You don't get that with Brianna. Brianna is smart, strategic, and dependable. Her work is top notch and she takes full ownership in getting things done. I've loved working with Brianna."

"Her work is top notch and she takes full ownership in getting things done."

client love

Our Social Media Ads Packages Could Be Perfect for You if:

You’re ready to invest in your list building and lead generation efforts and have a plan to nurture those new potential clients and customers

You have a sales funnel that’s working for you and you’re ready to scale your reach and increase sales

You re-launching an offer that you’ve sold before and want to amplify your launch results with ads

You’re prepared to invest in ads as a long-term strategy, most of our packages require a multi-month commitment

More people are on the internet and scrolling social media than ever before.

Organic social media can only take you so far.

With the right partner and a proven strategy, paid social media ads can be an incredible tool for expanding your audience, increasing your sales, and propelling your business to the next level.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I expect to spend on ads? Is ad spend included in your packages?
Ad spend is completely up to you! Each of our packages have a recommended ad spend minimum to get started. Necessary ad spend to reach your goals can vary and we can discuss this on your Discovery Call if you would like advice on what to invest. Ad spend is NOT included in the services charge.

How quickly can I expect to see results?
While ads can start delivering right away, it's important to understand that social media advertising is a LONG GAME. This is why most of our packages require a multi-month commitment. Sometimes you'll see your ads start to work right away; other times we'll have to do a considerable amount of testing to determine the best audiences and creative to attract your ideal clients.

What if I’ve never run ads before?
That's totally fine! We do recommend you have some knowledge of how social media ads work, since that will allow you to better understand your ad strategy as a whole, but we work with clients with various levels of ad experience.

I’ve run ads before or had someone else do and things did NOT go well. How do I know working Pixel & Delight will be different?
We're so sorry this happened to you! We can't speak to your previous experience, but we know the caliber of work we offer here and always aim to give you our best effort to help you grow your business. We'll be happy to evaluate your previous ads to better understand what wasn't working before and prevent those missteps from happening again.

I have a brand new product I’d like to run ads to. What package is right for me?
If you're going to launch a new product, the Launch plan may be best for you. If you plan on marketing this item longer-term after an initial launch while growing your audience, then the Premium package could work well, too.  Ultimately, we highly recommend you have a tested opt-in, funnel, or paid offer before going all-in with paid ads. 

Ready to get started? Book your Discovery Call today!
On the call, we’ll get to know each other a bit, discuss your goals, and see if we’re a good fit to work together.